​​​​The Children of Sikkim

​​​Registered UK charity No 1153784

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​Sponsorship Form
There are two ways to pay for sponsorship:

By Recurring Bank Card Payment.
By Standing Order.

In either case, please start by filling in the sponsorship form and submitting it. Or send the details in the form direct to trustees@the-children-of-sikkim.org. This is so we have your details and can acknowledge your committment.

Recurring Bank Card Payment:
Please use the button below which takes you to our page on the Total Giving site. To learn more about Total Giving, click here . The site allows you to make a Gift Aid Declaration on line, if you pay UK tax. This means we receive an additional 25% from the government.
Set up a Recurring Payment through
Total Giving
Standing Order:
To set up a Standing Order with your Bank, our bank details are available here , password Sikkim.

If you pay UK tax, please fill out a Gift Aid form and scan and email, or send in the post to the address on the form. The Gift Aid form is available here .
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