February 2017

My husband and I have found great pleasure in sponsoring Nedup. He has not had an easy life – his mother died when he was very young and he lost his father in 2010.
Through our contact with him, first through his drawings, then his letters and now with WhatsApp, we have seen him grow into a confident, popular and caring young man. He has always appreciated the opportunity given to him and, since he was quite young, has said that he wants to be in a position to help others. Nedup is now studying Sociology at Tadong College in Gangtok


Nedup aged 8 and 22

Update 2021

Nedup has now completed a Masters degree and has applied for B.Ed courses, as well as looking for a job. The pandemic has made this difficult.

He writes: “Having completed my MA course, I am now left with many choices and decisions. With whatever I do I always have in my mind that one day I will be able to help others like you all have helped me and the students of Sikkim.

Nedup in 2021