January 2017

“I am Nimphuti Lepcha. I am studying nursing course (General Course Midwifery) in Karnataka College of nursing in Bangalore.

I spent first nine years of my school life in a small village in Buriakhop in West Sikkim. My uncle enrolled my name in Sikkim Himalayan Academy in 2003. I was seven years old. As for me new place and school was a totally new concept for me. I don’t remember much about my first experience but on my first day I was afraid. My heart was throbbing but after few days I was fine and found the school to be nice. When I look back now those days were the best days of my life. Our teachers were very kind and loving. They used to tell us stories and teach though them. There my journey of education began. I used to write letters with colourful drawing to Fiona Herrington and her daughter Molly who wrote to me from Zenith, who sponsored me at SHA.

I started going to Government school in Buriakhop. For almost two years I studied there. In 2011 I got a golden opportunity to study in Dr Graham’s Homes in Kalimpong. Since we were not allowed to use phone in school I used to write letters to my sponsor.

It has been almost three years since I left the safe confines of my school to enter this competitive world. I was studying in Government College in Sikkim and I got a scholarship to study nursing where we had to pay 40% of fees. I did not want to miss this opportunity and I wanted help. This was the time Dutch sponsor help me and I am very grateful for coming forward and helping me to pursue my further education. What I am today is all because of the help that I got from sponsors since Sikkim Himalayan Academy.

I have six months left to complete my G.N.M. course. I am planning to study post B.Sc as well and build my career on Nursing. After completing my nursing course I would like to work and will try my best to apply for a job abroad.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors for their bounteousness and assistance. I guarantee you that I will make use of this opportunity to study really hard and win a successful job. Your kindness also motivates me to help other in need and will definitely do in future. God bless you all abundantly.”

Nimphuti at Nursing College in Bangalore

Update 2021

The latest news from Nimphuti is that during the pandemic she started working in a hospital in West Bengal. For 5 months she was posted in the Covid wings during which the cases went very high. Then the number of Covid cases went down and she worked in the hemodialysis unit. Her post is temporary in a private hospital, so she is trying to find better and permanent work in Sikkim. She still plans to do a BSc in Nursing if possible.

Nimphuti nursing in 2021