January 2017

“Zenith is a consulting business based in Bath with a global reach. We believe all companies should act on common principles, both in their local communities and on a wider scale. That is why we signed up to the UN Global Compact over 10 years ago.

We started sponsoring the education of children from Sikkim in 2004, encouraging staff to sponsor by matching their individual contributions. Nimphuti was the first of, to date, 16 children sponsored in this way. We are delighted that, nearly thirteen years later, she is a successful student of nursing in Bangalore, a future entirely beyond her reach before we became involved.”

Richard Hall, Chairman

Nimphuti aged 10 and 22, then at Nursing College

Update 2021

The latest news from Nimphuti is that during the pandemic she started working in a hospital in West Bengal. For 5 months she was posted in the Covid wings during which the cases went very high. Then the number of Covid cases went down and she worked in the hemodialysis unit. Her post is temporary in a private hospital, so she is trying to find better and permanent work in Sikkim.

Nimphuti nursing in 2021