Any donation you make will help us to achieve our objectives.

Our  students going into higher education, especially, need computers and other equipment which donations help fund.

We are registered with NowDonate, a charities platform which allows you to pay by bank debit or credit card.

If you donate, you can be confident in:

  • Knowing that the Trust is run by volunteers who draw no expenses, so 100% of what you donate goes to our children
  • Being able to rely on the Trustees, three of whom have visited Sikkim
  • Being able to increase your contribution by 25% through Gift Aid

For more information about NowDonate, click here.

Donate Via NowDonate

  • Step 1
    Enter Amount & Click “Donate”
  • Step 2
    Select “Donate Type” (e.g. Monthly)
  • Step 3
    Follow On-Screen Instructions to Complete Donation

Different Ways To Donate

There are three ways to donate:

  1. Make a Payment via NowDonate
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Personal Cheque

1 – Make a Payment via NowDonate
Please click the button below which takes you to our page on the NowDonate site.

You can then choose the amount you wish to donate as well as the “Donation Type” (e.g. One-Off, Weekly, Monthly, etc.)

The site allows you to make a Gift Aid Declaration on line, if you pay UK tax. This means we receive an additional 25% from the government.​

2 – Bank Transfer
To donate by bank transfer, our bank details are here, password Sikkim.

Please email to let us know what you have done.

If you pay UK tax please send us a gift aid declaration, available here.

3 – Personal Cheque
To donate by personal cheque, CAF cheque or similar please email us.

Amazon Smile

The Children of Sikkim is enrolled with Amazon Smile in the UK. Shopping through  gives access to the same shopping experience and goods as on the main Amazon website, but 0.5% of the purchase price is automatically donated to the Trust.

​You can get started here:

If you use a web browser, you can bookmark the site to make sure you use that for purchases and not In every other respect the site is the same, with all your information including shopping history, subscriptions etc.

If you use the Amazon App for iOS or Android, you can use Settings to activate  Amazon Smile.


The Children of Sikkim exists to support the education of disadvantaged children from Sikkim, in the Himalaya, NE India.

We are a UK registered charity which helps such children to be educated in Sikkim and elsewhere in India, from primary school through to college or university.

We give a young person continuity of support so as to allow them to achieve their potential.