How Can I Contribute?

Firstly, we welcome any contribution.

Although £20 per month is our recommended amount, we are very happy to accept sponsorship from £5 per month upwards. We only ask for a commitment of 12 months. Payment can be monthly, quarterly, annually or on another regular schedule (we have sponsoring couples who alternate).

It takes six sponsorships at £20 a month to support a child at Dr Grahams, and ten at college or university.

If you become a sponsor you will:

  • Have a direct relationship with the child, including receiving reports and letters.

  • Be able to keep up to date on Facebook.

  • Receive occasional newsletters.

  • Know that the trust is run by volunteers who draw no expenses, so 100% goes to the children.

  • Be able to rely on the trustees, three of whom have visited Sikkim.

  • Be able to increase your contribution by 25% through Gift Aid.

Sponsor via NowDonate

It costs £20 per month to sponsor a child

  • Step 1
    Click “Sponsor a Child” Button Below

  • Step 2
    Select Number of Children You Wish to Sponsor

  • Step 3
    Follow On-Screen Instructions to Complete Sponsorship

Why Become a Sponsor?

£20 a month can help completely change the life prospects of a poor child from the state of Sikkim, NE India, by supporting their education from around 10 years through to the end of higher education.

Sikkim is India’s least populous state and second smallest. It is nested in the Himalaya between Nepal, China and Bhutan, and is home to Kanchenjunga, at 8586 metres the world’s third highest peak after Everest and K2.

Educational opportunities are limited, because although the Indian government provides schools, long and difficult journeys mean that children have to live away from home. The state does not provide this, which means that poorer children from outside main towns just cannot go to school.

Different Ways To Pay

There are three ways to pay for sponsorship:

  1. Recurring Bank Card Payment via NowDonate
  2. Standing Order
  3. Contact Us via Sponsorship Form

1 – Recurring Bank Card Payment via NowDonate
Please use the button below which takes you to our page on the NowDonate site.

The site allows you to make a Gift Aid Declaration on line, if you pay UK tax. This means we receive an additional 25% from the government.​

2 – Standing Order
To set up a Standing Order with your Bank, our bank details are available here, password Sikkim.

If you pay UK tax, please fill out a Gift Aid form and scan and email, or send in the post to the address on the form. The Gift Aid form is available here.

3 – Sponsorship Form
Feel free to contact us via the Sponsorship Form on this page.

Alternatively, send the details in the form direct to

This is so we have your details and can acknowledge your commitment.

Sponsorship Form

    Form Notes
    * is a required entry in the form. If a required entry is not filled in or the format is not correct, a form error will result. You should be able to get back to the form to correct your entries. However if it locks, you may have to shut the site and re-open it.

    By submitting the form you agree to subscribe to TCoS mailings tailored for you.. These are sent out perhaps 6-8 times a year, with items of news, reports on students’ progress, letters from students and details of fund raising events. Contact details are kept secure and never shared. If you do not want to subscribe please enter No Mailings in the Comments box


    The Children of Sikkim exists to support the education of disadvantaged children from Sikkim, in the Himalaya, NE India.

    We are a UK registered charity which helps such children to be educated in Sikkim and elsewhere in India, from primary school through to college or university.

    We give a young person continuity of support so as to allow them to achieve their potential.