In November 2021, Hissay enrolled at Sikkim University to study for a Masters in International Relations. This follows her undergraduate course in Journalism and Political Science at Mount Carmel College in Bengaluru, from which she graduated in 2020 with First Class Honours.

At first, because of Covid, her classes were online only. She did find this difficult, as many others, because of internet connection problems at home and not having enough light.

Fortunately by April 2022 the University was able to open up for “offline” classes on campus, so Hissay moved to Gangtok into lodgings. We are pleased to be able help her with her living costs. She has done very well in both her first and second semester exams, with most grades A or A- , the lowest being B+.

We wish her every success and are glad to know she is enjoying being back in Sikkim after her three years in Bengaluru.


The Children of Sikkim exists to support the education of disadvantaged children from Sikkim, in the Himalaya, NE India.

We are a UK registered charity which helps such children to be educated in Sikkim and elsewhere in India, from primary school through to college or university.

We give a young person continuity of support so as to allow them to achieve their potential.