Nedup and Rha Thsering have finished their internship at Ujjivan Small Finance Bank in Kolkata, and Nedup has written about his experiences.

You may think think that banking is a bit dull! And the departments that the two passed through sound very bureaucratic: Collective Social Responsibility, Operation, Credit, Audit, Vigilance, Administration, Strategy and Planning, Finance and Accounting. However if you read his note you will find that this kind of banking operation is a real agent for social change in India.

So, for example, he writes “the Diksha Program is a Financial Literacy Program that caters to the Urban and Semi Urban underprivileged and underserved women. It is considered to be one of the best financial literacy programs in India. The women who attain this Programs are women who have not attended any education or with very less education. They are taught through storytelling, role playing, games and various ways so that it will be easy for them to understand. They are taught skills like keeping a financial diary, tracking the income and expenditure, use of ATM cards and many more.”

Given Nedup’s background, and as he says in his note, this puts in perspective how much his life has been changed by the support of The Children of Sikkim.

You can read his note here or on the Info tab.


The Children of Sikkim exists to support the education of disadvantaged children from Sikkim, in the Himalaya, NE India.

We are a UK registered charity which helps such children to be educated in Sikkim and elsewhere in India, from primary school through to college or university.

We give a young person continuity of support so as to allow them to achieve their potential.