We had a full day at SHA and enjoyed much hospitality. It was wonderful to meet up with so many Old Boys and Girls, particularly:

Nedup, who led the ceremony, and has recently finished a B.Ed. He can now get an excellent job in a secondary school.
Kinsang who is studying for B.Ed.
Hissay, who has just completed her MA in Politics and is looking to sit the Police exam.

It was also wonderful to see the OBGs reunion; how much they enjoyed catching up and how much they valued the primary school. We missed Rha Tschering, who was stuck in Mangan because of the floods, where he works in a bank. Nimphuti and Miksim we had spent time with in Siliguri (Post 3).

We were also able to meet up with current students Topden and Rekchan. Topden’s situation is covered in Post 2. Rekchan has just finished his BA in Sociology but is uncertain about next steps. We can offer two more years of funding. However, if he does a Masters he will probably still find it difficult to find a job. He is thinking of a one-year Diploma in Computer Applications, which is an important qualification for working in a government office.

At the end of a long day, we travelled the short distance to Soreng, where GS had booked us into a hotel ready for an early departure the following morning to Dr Graham’s Homes in Kalimpong.

This format of news only allows for a few photos. For many more of our visit to Sikkim Himalayan Academy, see the Gallery.

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