January 2017

I have sponsored Phurba since he was four years old. It’s a huge privilege to feel that I have played a part in helping him to gain an education and the opportunity to create a life that wouldn’t otherwise have been open to him. He is the same age as my daughter and it has been lovely for her to be part of the process; to write letters to Phurba and get a sense of how other children in the world live. I was lucky enough to go for a visit in 2012 and finally get to meet Phurba. He is a quiet, considerate and bright boy, with his whole life ahead of him, which I am very glad I can be some small part of.

Agnes with Phurba aged 8

Phurba aged 12 at Dr Graham's

Update 2021

Now Phurba is a young man, preparing to take his Year 10 government exams, which will set him up for more specialised education for his last two years in school. Now we can communicate by WhatsApp!

Phurba at the end of Year 10