November 2017

“I am Nedup Bhutia presently doing my graduation in Sociology from Sikkim Government College, Tadong. I am being supported by Mr and Mrs Taylor.

I started my school in Sikkim Himalayan Academy from the year 2003. Since then I have been supported by Mr and Mrs Taylor. I remember writing letters filled with drawings and my letter beginning as Dear Sponsor without knowing who I am writing to. I use to write once or twice a year and I was always excited to receive a letter from them. That was just a beginning. Then I got an opportunity to study in Dr Graham’s Homes and by that time I knew who was my sponsor. The communication between us was still through letters and at times through email but we use to write three to four times a year. By the end of my school life in Dr Graham’s Homes I started communicating with them in WhatsApp and now we are always in touch. I am very lucky to get a Sponsor like Mr and Mrs Taylor who have been supporting me since SHA.

I would like to take up Social Work or may be Psychology after my Graduation. I want to become a successful man in future and I would love to earn a lot and help others.

It is because of Mr and Mrs Taylor I got and opportunity to study and go on to University. If they were not there to support me I would not have been studying and have not got an opportunity to study in institution like Dr Grahams Homes and move on to University. I will always remain thankful to them for choosing me and support me throughout. I am hoping for some day in future where I would be a successful man and will be helping others just like my Sponsor. It is because of their help that I have a smile, joy and confidence. They are the one who saved my life and given me a future to look forward to. I just like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. God Bless them now and always. I am looking forward in meeting them one day in future.”

Nedup aged 22

Update 2021

Nedup has now completed a Masters degree and has applied for B.Ed courses, as well as looking for a job. The pandemic has made this difficult.

He writes: “Having completed my MA course, I am now left with many choices and decisions. With whatever I do I always have in my mind that one day I will be able to help others like you all have helped me and the students of Sikkim.

Nedup in 2021