February 2017

I enjoy getting updates on Gyurmee and knowing that in a small way I’m contributing to his education. He’s clearly a bright boy, and writes so well in English.

Gyurmee is at Dr Graham’s now, and has passed his first half year exams with good grades.

What attracted me to the charity the Children of Sikkim is the personal approach to unlocking potential through education.”

Paul fundraising on the Ariegoise cycle race

Gyurmee aged 6 and 12

Update 2021

Gyurmee is now in Year 9 at Dr Graham’s, and remains happy and easygoing. He has generally had good grades but they suffered a bit in 2021 because of the difficulties of remote working. The charity will try and organise extra tuition when that is possible. In 2019 Paul became a Trustee of The Children of Sikkim

Gyurmee in 2019