On this day the 10 October and following on from Gyurmee, we talked to Sanjay and Phurba, as well as some of their teachers.

We started with Sanjay. He is in the Arts stream at Dr Graham’s, and we were able to meet several of his teachers. Everyone we met said that he is a really agreeable young man. He is Vice-Captain of the school, and as such has to look out for younger pupils in difficulty. He is very keen on sport, and for college he is thinking of Physical Education or Medical Physiotherapy, perhaps with a career in teaching. He had expressed an interest in the Army, but is thinking of that more as a fall back. In fact, his interests could be pursued in the Army after college if he so wished.

Finally, we spent time with Phurba. He is in the Science stream at Dr Graham’s. Everyone we met said that he is a really pleasant young man. He is a house prefect. He has previously told us he wants to sit the NEET and try for medical school. However we know from Topden’s experience that the NEET is intensely competitive, and it is pretty well impossible to sit the Board exam in February and then the NEET in May of the same year. Many students take a year at college specifically to prepare for the NEET. In Topden’s case he did a three month course in Siliguri.

So we were already thinking that for him to try for the NEET would be beyond our resources and he would likely not succeed. His chemistry teacher was of the same view and suggested options which might lead to a career with a technology base. He suggested paramedical, pharmaceutical and cyber engineering, and also pharmacy. After we left Phurba did some research and is now thinking about studying forensics.

We will keep in close touch with both in the period after their exams, when they are researching colleges and when their results come out. We want the best outcome for them.

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